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Oracle Application Upgrade Services

We are the premier services provider focusing exclusively on the success of customers deploying Oracle applications and technology. Drawing on industry best practices and deep software expertise, our consultants help you assess your business needs, create your enterprise computing strategy, and deploy new technology to maximize the value of your Oracle investment.

Whether in partnership with your in-house staff, in close coordination with your chosen service provider, or as a remote service, Themis Consulting offers the most cost-effective choice for Oracle upgrades at the lowest risk.

Most companies view upgrades as part of a regular "fitness plan" that provides continuous momentum and agility. Upgrades can also leverage enhanced functionality, lowering the cost and risk of costly customizations. Embedded best practices and enhanced performance and scalability are additional advantages to upgrading. Themis Consulting has the greatest incentive to accelerate upgrade time-to-value.

There are many reasons to consider upgrading your current Oracle E-Business Suite version. For example:

  1. Upgrading may provide access to new functionality and software applications that can help keep your organization well positioned to meet your business objectives through leveraging the latest technology.
  2. In an increasingly rigorous regulatory compliance environment, upgrading may facilitate compliance at a lower cost through retiring customizations and deploying standard processes across your organization

  3. Upgrading allows you to leverage the latest performance and usability enhancements, enabling you to increase the efficiency of your applications utilization and your business

  4. You may need to upgrade to remain eligible for the highest levels of product support.

  5. You may need to upgrade to remain eligible for tax and regulatory updates for your applications

In evaluating any upgrade, there are many factors to consider, such as support timeframes, functional capabilities, technical infrastructure, and underlying business needs. These factors are often complex and interrelated—all of which adds to the importance of determining the most appropriate upgrade strategy. Themis Consulting can help you identify new features, functionality, and processes that may provide value to your organization

The following general considerations should form the backbone of your upgrade initiative

  1. Determine your upgrade path
  2. Treat your upgrade activity as a formal company project
  3. Build an upgrade team with broad and complementary skills
  4. Decide when to change or add business processes
  5. Plan for upgrade tuning
  6. Get current product and upgrade information
  7. Escalate and resolve problems as appropriate
  8. Utilize the configuration support manager
  9. Prepare the Organization
  10. Ensure the Quality of your data
  11. Inventory your system
  12. Prepare a go live checklist
  13. Understand and mitigate the project risk
  14. Evaluate your architecture
  15. Calculate new hardware sizing
  16. Identify custom code and scripting
  17. Defragment and reorganize your database
  18. Study and adhere to current minimum technical requirements
  19. Verify your installation
  20. Get code current
  21. Minimize application data to upgrade
  22. Test with the copy of production database
  23. Complete Parallel Batch Testing Between a Copy of the Old System and an Upgraded Second Copy
  24. Leverage Existing Test Scripts and Plans
  25. Choose the Number of Test Upgrades and Functional Testing Cycles
  26. Perform Index Management
  27. Train End Users on the New Solution
  28. Get Specific Technical Training
  29. Optimize Training Processes
  30. Secure Functional User Buy-In
  31. Testing Scope
  32. Deciding to Go Live
  33. Update User Procedure Manuals

Themis Consulting Inc. is ready to help you analyze, plan and execute an Oracle E-Business Suite application upgrade, in a lead or supporting role, as your organization desires. Tight integration across Consulting, Development, Support, Education, and Global Delivery puts our entire team behind your success.


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