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Oracle Process Manufacturing

Oracle Process Manufacturing automates the entire product lifecycle for recipe-based manufacturing, from new product development, recipe management and production, to cost, quality, and regulatory management. It enables you to formulate products to individual customer specifications, manage variability, optimize capacity, and drive continuous process improvement.

Key Benefits of implementing Oracle Process Manufacturing solution
Faster New Production Development
Graphically build recipes, simulate manufacturing environments, and easily transfer approved recipes to production facilities
Optimize Production
Gain tight controls over ingredients and processes. Scale batches up or down based on anticipated quantities. Calculate expected theoretical yield percentages.
Ensure Compliance
Automate creation and maintenance of hazardous materials documentation to support compliance. Gain audit control and rule-based dispatch management.
Manage Quality
Provide real-time visibility into quality at every phase of production, including raw materials, intermediates, byproducts, sub-lots, and final products.
Manage Costs
Gain detailed cost analysis capabilities, including "what-if" analyses, as well as inventory valuation.


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