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As organizations are challenged to deliver more projects and programs with flat or decreasing resources, completing initiatives on time and within budget is more difficult than ever. In such an environment, there is only one likely outcome, Project failure. Are project failures considered normal? Long-held beliefs and studies have indicated that a majority of projects end in failure, perhaps suggesting that project failures are becoming an accepted norm.
Today’s project-driven organization must embrace technology advances to successfully execute a project. Gone are the days of silo’ed projects, static reporting and a lack of visibility. In its place are collaborative and social project management advances, real-time contextual reporting with role-tailored dashboards, and an enterprise perspective to executing a project. The tools at the project manager’s disposal must incorporate these elements to allow organizations to take advantage of new project management technologies and facilitate their incorporation for effective project delivery
With a comprehensive understanding of the business needs, we recommend using “intelligent infrastructure”—smart, customer-centric solutions and business strategies and networks that power higher levels of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Our Engineering and Construction solution group is uniquely positioned not only to provide clients with the tools, technologies and processes that deliver intelligent IT solution, but also to help them join the networks that sustain it.
We are committed to Engineering & Construction Industry and have successfully implemented Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management solution. Following are the benefit of implementing Oracle Fusion integrated enterprise project portfolio management solution:


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