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Consumer Goods & Services

Consumer goods and Services industry have very complex distribution channels with unique service requirements. Have Strict, new regulations on traceability and reporting. They have dire necessity to build a direct relationship with consumers. These companies have need for sales and trade efficiency to reduce cost of sales.
Consumer goods and services Companies lack good visibility into their markets and supply chains, causing executives to scramble to adjust to rapidly changing conditions, but they can't analyze their options accurately enough or fast enough. Many firms have applied Lean principles to their global supply chains and now find that they are so "Lean" that they are brittle, and cannot react to changes in the marketplace. The impacts of these challenges to a company’s supply chain are:

  1. High inventory with an increasing percentage of obsolete items
  2. Increased manufacturing costs from shortages and "bullwhip" changes
  3. Increased expediting and higher logistics costs
  4. Poor customer service levels and lost revenue opportunities

To meet these business challenges, we have delivered a powerful combination of business process improvements and comprehensive, integrated business applications, including key functionality built specifically for the consumer goods industry such as Landed Cost Management, GDSN integration, Product Data Hub, Product Data Quality Management, Trade Management and Incentive compensation solution along with Oracle Value chain planning and Value chain execution solution.



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