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Advanced Maintenance Execution and Control System

AMECS is web-based application for Mobile and Capital Asset Maintenance Repair and Overhaul execution, engineered to operate in the framework of Cloud computing in connected web application mode and disconnected mode on mobile hand held devices such as Blackberry, I-Pad and Windowds7 mobile smart phones.

AMECS’s innovative Execution Dashboard, SyncEX and MobileEX application component leverages latest Oracle tools and technology to provide industry standard practices for maintenance execution and control for mobile and fixed asset MRO processes.

This application extends the reach of ERP & CMMS applications to mobile devices for capturing data directly in the system as it happens. It provides convenient approach for a structured, faster and secured paperless Log book entry, failure reporting and work order execution processes. It works as a communication hub between mobile application and back office Maintenance planning, ERP and Legacy applications.

Its innovative Execution Dashboard is a web-based application, is a central point of communication, which provides built in XML interfaces to downloads Asset’s operational schedule from Asset operations system, Asset’s maintenance work orders, work instructions from ERP/Legacy applications, and computes Asset availability for maintenance execution. It dynamically schedules the work orders for execution at line station based on Asset’s available downtime, required resources, tools and material. If, due to some reason, work execution is deferred at the assigned location, then its scheduling engine can automatically reassign work execution at another line station based on next available window of Asset downtime, required resources and material.

Execution Dashboard provides industry standard templates for Asset data collection, work request and work order execution. User can configure Asset specific new templates for logging technical snags, Service request and work order execution very easily by copying existing template and making necessary changes. Once the templates for data collection and work execution are created, they can be deployed on MobileEX client application for specific asset or group of Asset maintenance execution and defect reporting.

Execution Dashboard is designed to provide faster response time, very high availability, ease of use, completely configurable and scalable to work as a mission critical application for Complex Asset MRO execution and control processes.


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